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"Where there's always Hope" 

Sandhills Horse Rescue is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization 

Sandhills Horse Rescue is located in the sandhills region of North Carolina, the heart of horse country.  We are dedicated to equine welfare through the rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing of neglected and abused equines (all-breeds), as well as the education of equine owners, animal control officers, law enforcement agencies, and other equine welfare organizations.  

Our professionalism, knowledge, experience, and resourcefulness are the foundation of our working relationships with local animal control departments, national animal welfare organizations, and law enforcement agencies.  

Our goal is to help those that cannot help themselves by providing rehabilitation, retraining, medical treatments and a second chance at life or by alleviating an equine’s suffering upon evaluation and recommendation of our advisory veterinarian, by humane euthanasia when every other reasonable option has been exhausted or quality of life is questionable after recovery.  

Sandhills Horse Rescue is dedicated to the local community therefore, does not rescue from slaughter, out of state, or private owners unless exigent circumstances warrant otherwise.  There are so many equines in need locally, that it is Sandhills Horse Rescues policy to put forth all donations and available resources to help the equines “next door”.