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TLAER, Inc. - Technical Large Animal Rescue Courses
September 27-29, 2013 ---- Hope Mills, North Carolina
**Approved for CE Credits by the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board for veterinary professionals**
     Ever wanted to attend a large animal rescue course instructed by world renown experts in the field of technical large animal emergency rescue?  Well, now is your chance so don't miss out!  Save the dates...September 27-29, 2013.

    NCSMART is coordinating a large animal technical rescue course through Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue, Inc. (TLAER, Inc.).  The course will be instructed by Dr. Rebecca Gimenez of TLAER, Inc. and NCSMART will be there to assist with the instruction as both Justin and Tori are TLAER, Inc. Assistant Instructors.  

     There will be two levels offered... Awareness Level and Operations Level.  TLAER Awareness Level (Sept 27th only) attendees will receive an TLAER Awareness Level certificate and will have the pre-requisite course required to register for and attend the TLAER Operations Level course as a “hands-on participant” for an TLAER Operations Level certificate.  In order to register for the TLAER Operations Level course you MUST either attend the TLAER Awareness Level course on September 27th or have received a TLAER Awareness Level certificate of course attendance within the past two years.  If you cannot attend on September 27th then you may register to attend the TLAER Operations Level course as an “auditor” for a TLAER Awareness Level certificate which will again qualify you to attend a future TLAER Operations Level course elsewhere as a hands-on participant for a TLAER Operations Level certificate.  

     The Awareness Level course is the pre-requisite for the Operations Level course and consists of basic level training for emergency responders, animal control officers, wildlife officers, veterinarians and other professionals, rescue and animal welfare groups, emergency animal response teams, equine and livestock owners or facility operators, etc. 


     The Operations Level course is a more advance level highly interactive training course.  Hands-On Participants will receive an Operations Level certificate.  Auditors will receive an Awareness Level certificate.  Auditors will be able to observe the entire course (classroom and hands-on sessions) but will not be allowed to physically participate in any of the practical exercises.


     Priority for Hands-On Participant (Operations Level certificate) will be given to emergency responders, followed by emergency animal response teams (i.e. SART / CART, private response units), veterinarians, and animal control officers until August 1st.  After August 1st, should any Hands-On Participant (Operations Level certificate) spots for the Operations Level course remain open they will be assigned based on the order the registrations were received regardless of professional status…”first come, first serve”.  Auditor (Awareness Level certificate) spots for the Operations Level course are unlimited.    

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Contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the upcoming TLAER courses.  

2013 TLAER Course Payment
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