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Payments for services rendered and invoices only via this "Pay Now" link.  All other payments (training registrations, etc.) should be paid via applicable links on related webpages.

Most of the equipment, with exception of a few out of service items donated by local fire / rescue departments, have been paid for out of pocket by the owners of 4HFES and NCSMART, LLC.  In order to provide the emergency response, transport, and burial services we offer at reasonable fees, donations are greatly appreciated and may be tax deductable. 
Welcome to 4HFES and NC SMART, LLC!
We hope you enjoy learning more about 4Hooves Farm Equine Services and the North Carolina Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team through our website.
Please contact us if you have an equine or livestock emergency incident or request our services for a non-emergency appointment, scheduled event, deceased animal, routine transport, or if you are interested in one of the training presentations or clinics we offer to emergency responders, animal control officers, and  equine / livestock owners and professionals. 
After viewing the information herein, should you have any additional questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us via email, phone, or find us on FaceBook and we will respond as soon as possible.
Thank you for your interest and support…
Justin and Tori McLeod
Owners / Operators
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